Most business owners have little time to create content for their customers. I have solid experience of SEO copywriting, plenty of original ideas and up-to-date digital expertise as I spend a considerable amount of my spare time studying industry trends and learning new systems to achieve relevance and efficiency.

I offer value for money but I don't write for peanuts. If you need to be persuaded that cheap copy doesn't convert into sales, please read this article. Plus, if you do your maths, you will find that I am far cheaper than hiring a staff writer and as reliable. I will not let you down and deliver on time.

Aside writing and refreshing website pages, if you don't know what topics you should cover in an article, blog post or newsletter, I am happy to create your very own, original editorial calendar.

I can take negative feedback, having worked in journalism and then on major brands. After all, although I will try to learn about your business, you know best. You can send me frank feedback about a piece and I will rewrite and shape it until you are fully satisfied. To offer a competitive rate, rewrites are not included in my quoted price, but I will charge a lower rate for rewrites and/or editing your own content, if you want me to fix/update something you have written yourself. And if you are willing I can coach you to become your own copywriter, if this is your heart's desire.

I am happy to help you on a flexible, pay-as-you-go basis, but I also offer value-for-money contracts. Visit this page for rates.

I also follow the latest and best practices for getting your content to rank high and I am happy to share any insight that will advantage your business against your competitors. When I undertake a digital strategy project, I always include competitor analysis.

I am well connected on social media channels and keep my ears to the ground seven days a week. Trust my capable hands and imagination to deliver your content strategy and learn a few things too. I am happy to educate customers in what I do and how I do it. I also offer digital training, if you would like to know more about search marketing and social media management.