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Professionals and digital resources

I am well connected on the main social media channels and keep my ears to the ground seven days a week. This is a list of professionals and resources I trust. I will do my best to keep these links up to date.

Professional forums

  • SubsUK Created by journalist Catherine Gordon in 2005, I took over in 2006. I acquired co-moderators in 2010 but sadly I had to leave the group in May 2015. During my time the forum has grown from a few hundreds to around 1000 members, mostly through word of mouth. The forum had national press coverage when comments were 'lifted' without permission by national press while reporting a controversy involving Giles Coren and a subeditor in July 2008.
  • The best site for UK journalists with jobs, paid directory and supportive online forum. They also offer training and digital conferences.
  • UKPress An online forum for media and public relation professionals who wish to discuss topics of interest and make contacts. Discussion takes place on an email list.

  • Best resources for marketers

  • Search Engine Watch

  • Social Media Examiner

    Fellow journalists' sites and blogs

    Chris Wheal; Guy Clapperton; Louise Bolotin; Tim Anderson; PJ White.

    Other resources

  • BritMums Best ever blog collective for parents (mums and dads) with own annual conference, working with brands group and tons of free information for UK bloggers. I'm a member with: From rat racer to homeworking parent, Cambridge Ecothrifter and The 1930s house.