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From Journalism to Marketing via Content!

I was a journalist for over a decade in London, working for BBC Worldwide, Haymarket, Hearst, IPC, News Corporation and Trinity Mirror magazines. I transitioned to marketing in 2008 and worked on international brands as advertising copywriter. In the past few years I have been working directly with SMEs and non-profit organisations in the UK to provide web building and marketing expertise.


What you are paying for

I am a very experienced writer and have solid strategic experience in B2C and B2B. Online I prefer organic SEO strategies based on content marketing and analytics. I can offer proven advice on the best social media channels to use to raise awareness and increase sales. I strongly believe in on-going professional development so you will get the latest recommendations and business practices, not last year's SEO.

You are paying for my expertise, resourcefulness, original ideas, business contacts/advice and good after-sale service, not just for a piece of work. If you think about hiring someone of my experience, you will be paying 35-50K GBP per year, excluding contributions and pensions, so think of the saving! I am very loyal, I keep a backup of all my clients' work for several years and I pay tax - you will not have any issues in that regard.

Anything else?

I can create a tone of voice, a persona, whatever you need. I also offer competitor analysis and digital analytics. If you are not keen on planning your editorial calendar (blog, email marketing, internal news, etc) I can do it for you. I can also show you ways to re-purpose content you already have or provide flexible content for print and digital use. I will throw in a creative mindset at no extra cost.

Suits me Madam... what about other services?

Do you want me to train/coach you/your staff in digital copywriting or social media best practices? Let me know your requirements/budget and I will tailor a plan just for you. If you want web writing for a publication, please make me your best offer!


I have worked for the University of Cambridge since 2012 in different departments. Below are selected companies and brands:

  • Sciendo (News writing)
  • Handheld Tours (app copy & blog - website taken down)

  • Uma Jenuesse brand (B2C & B2B)
  • All4coms
  • Thomson (destination guides)
  • Danone Ireland (nutrition and family health; samples upon request because the websites do not exist any more - timeframe: 2009-2012)
  • Rakuten (formerly, samples upon request)

  • WEBSITE BUILDING @ University of Cambridge

  • Violence Research Centre, Criminology, University of Cambridge
  • Wellcome Trust Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
  • Harding Scholarships
  • Henry, Procter and Choate, University of Cambridge Scholarships
  • Office of Postdoctoral Affairs


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  • Win Mamas & Papas vouchers worth GBP1,000! (download)
  • Feel on top of the world with Supradyn Recharge (download)


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