From Journalism to Marketing via Content

My professional journey

I'm a digital marketing consultant based in Cambridge, UK. Prior to transitioning to digital marketing in 2008 through advertising copywriting, I worked as a freelance journalist in London for Bauer, BBC Worldwide, Hachette, Haymarket, Hearst, IPC Media, News Corp, Trinity Mirror and several other book and media publishers.

Digital Marketing & Blogging

I am passionate about startups and SMEs. I have been scaling content marketing and social media strategies adopted by large enterprises to fit the scope and budget of small businesses and organisations. I have helped SMEs, startups and charities to optimise their digital presence. With so many arrows to my bow, personal interests and work often mingle.

I have set up a number of blogs since 2005 to share my interests and raise awareness of good causes. I work from home for remote jobs and as inhouse contractor. My CV is on LinkedIn and I discuss digital marketing topics on Quora. I offer my skills pro bono to various charities and non-profit organisations. I believe in giving back to the community.